For Kitchen 厨房职缺

Commis $1,600

Senior Commis $1,700

Asst Leading Cook $1,800

Leading Cook $1,900

Chef De Partie $2,000

Junior Sous Chef $2,300

Assistant Sous Chef $2,600

Sous Chef $3,100

Senior Sous Chef $3,600

For Service 服务职缺

Server $1,600

Senior Server $1,700

Asst Captain $1,800

Captain $1,900

Asst Supervisor $2,000

Supervisor $2,300

Asst Manager $2,600

Manager $3,100

Work Week: 5.5days

Working hours: 44 hrs per week

OT Rate at 1.5 or substitute with Off In Lieu加班1.5 倍

Benefits: Meal credits: 300 per month预付卡,不是现金


Attendance $50 per mth (Upon joining subject to condition)  (如没有病假,无薪假期等)

Performance $50 per mth (Upon confirmation subject to condition) (试用期后,附带条件)

Variable incentive $100 (Upon confirmation subject to condition) (试用期后,附带条件)

有兴趣者, CV, 学历证件,护照,email:

LINE: piecltd

Skype: shih2008


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